I’m Research Scientist at Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at University of Luxembourg. At CritiX research group, I’m developing new methods for ensuring safety and security of mission critical systems, with special focus on space systems, equipment and technologies.

Engineering is about doing useful things, not necessarily interesting. Science is about discovering interesting things, while their usefulness, is not a priority. I consider myself, both, engineer and scientist, and I try to take best of both worlds, by working on topics which are interesting and useful, at the same time.

Core interests

  • space systems engineering
  • safety & security of mission critical systems
  • system’s resilience, intrusion and fault tolerant architectures
  • paradigms for nature-based-resilience of artificial systems and self-organization

While I have background in computer engineering with focus on space electronics and it’s dependability, I take freedom to explore topics far beyond that, including:

  • distributed computing and control algorithms
  • space traffic management
  • orbital mechanics, astrodynamics, space resources exploration and exploitation

all of them in context of space systems resilience. I think that significant number of innovation opportunities lie at the intersections of various fields. Addressing those intersections are, both, great, multidisciplinary challenges and interesting research areas.


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The main idea behind those pages is to create a little bit of my own space, outside of social-media, for thinking out loud.

It shall be obvious to everyone that opinions presented on those pages are mine, and, quite likely, are wrong.