Introduction to Space Systems

This lecture is a part of Distributed Cyber-Physical System course. It is intended for audience without prior knowledge about space, space systems and their links to, either, distributed, or, cyber-physical systems body of knowledge.
It is in 4 parts for more convenient playback.

Part 1: general introduction, orbits and environment

Here I introduce main notions used throughout the lecture. My goal is to help you build first intuitions on how space systems look like, how do they operate and what inherent limitations to their operations. I also discuss some aspects of space environment and explain what challenges have to be addressed.
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Part 2: faults, their mitigations and system’s resilience

In this part I explain what types of faults can be experienced by space equipment and how to mitigate them. Also, a general discussion on space systems degrees of resilience is presented.
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Part 3: design and testing of space system

In this part I share practical experience of building and testing micro-satellite (one of BRITE-PLs).
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BRITE integration

Part 4: failures, attacks and lessons learned

Here, based on what you’ve learn so far in this lecture, I share selected lessons that we can draw from failures of some space missions. It’s always cheaper to learn on someone’s else mistakes.
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