In short

Hi, my name’s Rafał. I’m an engineer and a scientist. I love to build useful things and ponder on, interesting, but not necessarily immediately practical, questions.

Bit longer

My two great passions are space and computers, and, above all, mixing those two. I started my space computers and computers in space adventure in 2004, and since then, I managed to:

  • build a lot of stuff (electronic systems, satellites),
  • do some interesting research in the field (modeling of complex systems)
  • start a company
  • close a company
  • work in academia
  • work in industry
  • do the PhD
  • travel to fun places
  • live in few places
  • run large project for the space agency
  • run small projects for the space agency

After work

Beside taking care of my family, I enjoy:

  • sailing in the high seas and at the lakes
  • reading books on philosophy & technology
  • coffee

Sailing in the high seas